Pet Health Plan 

This is a new service we have recently set up to give your animals the best preventative care products at a reduced cost to you, our clients. 


As we know, keeping our pets fit and healthy can be an expensive undertaking, especially when you factor in all those little extras that they love!


Our pet health plan not only supplys everything your pets need for the year (vaccinations, flea worm and tick treatment), but also spreads and reduces the cost for you. Suddenly, that expensive visit to the vets can be budgeted for, meaning our furry friends get the best treatment and you walk out of the practice without putting your hand in your pocket!


Pet Size Price
All Cats £15.75
Small Dog (<10kg) £17.50
Medium Dog (<20kg) £18.50
Large Dog (<40kg) £21.50
XL Dog (<56kg) £25.50
Giant Dog (<76+kg) £32.50



  • Yearly vaccinations (including kennel cough for dogs)
  • Yearly flea, worm and tick prevention
  • 6-monthly health checks
  • 10% off out of hours and dentals (excluding medication)



We would like to re-iterate that this is not an insurance. This is a way of reducing costs to you and ensuring your animals receive the best possible preventative healthcare.



A one-off payment of £10 will be taken by our supplier with your first direct debit (second payment). This is a 12-month minimum contract

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