Privacy policy


We at Peak Veterinary Ltd are committed to keeping any personal data that we hold about our clients’ private from the outside world.

What do we keep?

When you registered with the practice your name, address, phone number(s), and animal details would have been taken by a member of staff. This is the only personal information we keep on file.

Who has access to it?

The members of staff can access your information kept on our data base through personal passwords. They are under strict instructions not to give out any person information, unless it is with your consent.

When do we use this personal information?

We will only use it to contact you when necessary, for example if your animal is in for an operation, we need to inform you of results, when a vaccination booster is due, or if your pet could be risk and veterinary intervention may be required. We will not use your data to cold call you, or pass onto a third party for marketing purposes.

When would we pass on your personal data?

The only times when we pass on your personal data is:-

1. Filling out an insurance claim form for your pet, for the purpose of identification on their data base (name, address, and animal only).

2. Registering microchip database information.

3. Pet Health Plan (information for direct debit)

4. When your pet attends another practice, for the purpose of identification on their data base (name, address and animal only). This may be due to moving to another veterinary practice or for referral (see note below).

NB. When an animal is referred, a telephone number would also be given so the referral practice can contact you for the purpose of arranging the referral appointment. This is only done when you have verbally consented to referral your pet.

How do we protection of our database?

As mentioned before access to the database is through personal passwords. The computers are connected to the internet, so protection programs are in place to stop viruses, malware etc. being placed on the computers, firewalls in the hub, and a private Wi-Fi password are all in place.

What about payment personal data?

A lot of clients now pay by credit and debit card when at the surgery and over the phone. Card transaction slips when filed away are kept locked up and then destroyed after 7 years. When paying over the phone your details are logged into the card machine straight away and not written down, so no written log exists.

Some clients pay by BACS, no personal bank information appears on the bank statement or online when accessed.

On occasion we have paid clients’ money back via BACS. Again this data is used at the time, but the information written on the paper is then destroyed and computer inputted data is then deleted after the transaction is made.

What about personal data of the staff?

Personal data of the staff is stored and is required for payroll, PAYE, pension contributions and employment. This is all stored on computer programs, that are password protected, and on a computer with internet security protection. Access is exceptionally limited.


I hope from this statement, and from our actions and policies, you as clients’ can be assured that we do the utmost to protect your data and only keep the bare minimum that is required for identification, contact and for medical reasons.


If you wish to discuss any of the above points or if you feel that any of your data has been used inappropriately, then please speak to the owner, Mr Andrew Dorman MRCVS.

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